Wednesday, February 04, 2004


Of course it is not Patrick opinion about himself, but it is a very sad romantic poem. Patrick wrote it:

Shouldn't               Patrick Yau

Shouldn't assume a date.
Shouldn't tell me your disgrace.
Shouldn't make youself a rat.
Shouldn't get youself in your test.

Shouldn't ask for my promise.
Shouldn't wait for my aid.
Shouldn't think me for dates.
Shouldn't arise your self-debate.

Shouldn't think like my way.
Shouldn't follow my trace.
Shouldn't know how I dress.
Shouldn't love and upset the rest.

I am on your way.
You are not a ray.
Drag me in the clay.
Mercy not the case.

Blind yourself,
Like the rest,
Keep on going,
No regret.

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