Sunday, February 06, 2005

Happy Birthday

A romantic sad poem, not Patrick's position though.
Happy Birthday Patrick Yau

Why don't I start my dinning?
Why are you not coming?
You have no idea how I love you,
and I never forget the kiss of you.

I pissed you off before your birthday,
Without me, who is celebrating your birthday?
Eat only after the birthday song,
or my heart will sore.

I get your phone call,
Your birthday party in somewhere is doing darn well,
tease me like a hell,
My tears have to swell.

You have your proposal.
My heart is at your disposal.
You hurt me like a psycho,
this doesn't sounds logical.

You have a blow to candles,
I have emotions to handle.
You have never loved me as I am told,
but you have kissed me a year ago.

My love haven't been cold,
even I grow old.
Your kiss never let me go,
nor whoever can make me go.

Tease me please, as long as you feel better. Happy Birthday.

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