Sunday, September 25, 2005

How is the US internationalization compare to HK and China?

Note: This is an assignment at CES 403, WSU

How is the US internationalization compare to HK and China?

Yes, in terms of diversity, China and Hong Kong is way behind from the United States.

Policies of the US law directly implies the attitude of the US towards foreign people and the laws are also where the barriers come from apart from some people.

Hong Kong is an International city, everyone knows that. However, Hong Kong academic environment is homogenous. Apart from people from mainland China, who are still Chinese, Seldom, there are international students from other cultures enter the Hong Kong public school. (One exception is international schools, Indian, Australian etc. goes to international schools. This leaves Hong Kong public school homogenous, and I admit that it is a bad thing.) This shows Hong Kong is not really got everything internationalize.

Can the United States collect "the real best of the World" into its border? The answer is heavily rely on the war of people who try and construct these cultural boundaries and those who try to destruct them. Yes, people of the United States are very diverse, and the attempt to get everything internationalize is spectacular, to the extent of "No man do it before". Keep it on, and I am an international student who can be a part of "the United States internationalization plan", we get it working, and I am willing to promote and bring this good example of internationalization back to my country.

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