Sunday, September 25, 2005

What do I do to get accustomed to a new culture?

What do I do to get accustomed to a new culture?

Question:"Some would argue that people who abandon their cultures values to conform to the culture that they live in now is part of entering into another culture, would you agree?"

Yes. We have to abandon some of the values in order to get enter to the culture. How I deal with it? If I felt him act like an individualist, I act like another individualist on him. If I find out there is good things in American culture (black, white etc.), hopefully I can retain the many good things of it and put these stuffs into my own use.

I believe that integration with other cultures is the way better than assimilation. I will try to avoid copy the bad things of other cultures, and this is the act of integration. Assimilation is just a copycat that is not encouraged, because it copy the bad things as well. During the processing of copying, I will have to abandon some but not all values of the original culture, so I would say integration is merging cultures while assimilation is copying cultures.

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