Saturday, March 11, 2006

Goodbye. Doctor. (Draft)

She was a doctor - researching weapons to protect our cities, and everyone's life relies on her.
She had spent her life to defend for us. She had no time to teach us anything, or the city would fall.

When she died, the whole country fall into unescapable whirls of sadness. No one can understand why she has been chosen, or may be why she chose to work with such a pain.

She admitted that she is not smart, but she believe herself and she believe nothing is smart. I taught her this -Hardworking can make up all the bad stuff.

We can only learn from her by observations; however, sadly, no one can comprehend how she did her plans.

She died when she was doing reserach at the border of the Sycalic city. It is suspected that the force field outside of the city's protective shield is attracted to her experiment. Because of the ememies' contamination of the experiment, 15 miles of the laboratory is completely destroyed, and resulted in 1015 deaths. According to the 24-hour sound-enabled survillance camera, she ordered her assistants to evaucate the laboratory, and she said she is able to stop the accident on her own, and let just let the laboratory blow up by the force field. Some of her assistants didn't believe her announcement about the death of the laboratory. Nevertheless, some of her 200 assistants left the laboratory because of her order, but none of them did make an successful escape anyway. Still, some of her assistants were skeptical about the doctor's order and believed that she was just freaking out for a while. As a result, these assistants help the doctor to stablize the force field. A majority of assistants who were still in the laboratory believed that the experiments are okay to continue, because they did their reasoning with the recently discovered theories.

However, the miscalculation haven't been fully compensated by the adjustments made by the doctor. The doctor, she was so old to write with her own hands. She was so tired. She pondered all her decisions and experiments. On this very day, she couldn't even want to speak a word about how to control the catastrophe, because she was simply too busy with her theories. She always sleep in front of computers because she is simply too tired. All kinds of theories cluttered in her mind. Nevertheless, no one can object her order because she always come up with unarguable plans that everyone in the laboratory agrees to follow, but it takes time.

Among the senior assistants, there was only a few of them believed that the laboratory would blown up within 2 hours. There were only 4 of them believed that the laboratory would blown up and stay in the laboratory to stop the disaster. They worked together for years with the doctor.

Back to 200 years ago, the makers of the shield designed a machanism to prevent further huge damage by shielding off the affected area. The mayor of the city were undecisive to use this machanism because it also prevents the people from the affected area from escaping. In the mayor's office, his vice mayor keep telling him to lanuch the machanism. The mayor said, "wait for 1 minute, 10 will escape. Wait for 5 minutes, 100 will escape with radioactive contamination. I would rather saving a hundred than ten then." The vice may be right, and the mayor may be also right too. After 4 minutes, only 30 has escaped from the shield off area. The Mayor's room was full of tension. The vice held the mayor's hand firmly. The Mayor had no idea whether he should refuse or follow. He pressed the enter. He know the doctor and the laboratory has bee

We cannot say those assistants who have tried to escape are cowards, because they obeyed the doctor's saying. These assistants drove their cars around the town near the laboratory to pick up people who were on the road, and only people who trust these assistants would gotten into their cars. None of these assistants survived because of the miscalulation of the estimate of the spread of the force field. The doctor believed "the end" is 2 hours, but it happened 25 minutes faster than the estimation.

The protective shield distorted so that the colour of the sky was yellow. The thundering was very strong and the yellow sky swifted its colour into purple. The shield were so disfigured that the surface of the shield was pressed down and sheered the every structure of the laboratory. Everyone there died in it. The pollutant outside of the shield descented down to the laboratory. The poisonous and radioactive dust causing irrecoverable trend of spread of havoc.

The uncontrollable force field were extremely unstable. The lost of pressure of the atmosphere keep the houses, trees, and cars around pulling upward. The force field randomly pressing the its victims, whether dead or alive, disrepectfully and regardlessly disassembled the flesh, or may be mixed with the debris before disassembling the flesh. Well, it doesn't matter at all, the whirls distastefully and senselessly making the fuzzy supper-- not for the havoc itself, but it is meant to make us, the vulnerables, to appreciate the every bitter of the fate.

Goodbye, doctor and our assintants. Every day after this ravage, we assumed you all are still there working, but of course not. We feel so much that we have been enslaved everyone of you- to protect us. Some of us even object the running of the laboratory and just to surrender to the enemies.

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