Sunday, September 25, 2005

The chamber of a dead prisoner (revision 4)

Have time? So how to making this story even more gross?
Life is boring, getting something out of our schedules is exciting.

The chamber of a dead prisoner (revision 4)

The guards send you to the chamber, the place where you have your capital punishment.

The chamber is closed for you.
I like you tremble like a electric toothbrush.
The dust is coming in, black fog is in the air.
Look at your dark hands, you are not feeling well.
What a choking smell... it is sulfur dioxide.
The worst is inside the chamber the light is turned on,
Well they want to see how you die.

Shadow is in the black mist.
It is the shadow, you deadly shadow.
Can you grab your shadow? Or will you see your shadow standing in this world again?
Pain in grief, you cough. Blood from your mouth contaminated your miserable shadow.
You accepted, you failure to open your eyes.
You know you are going to be finished here, so they will be happy, even though they acknowledged your best regret.
You want to cry, you can't. Who cares you are blind or not. You, are abandoned.
Who can accept the fact that you are abandoned? Yourself.

The chamber is too not for you, isn't it? So I see you dance with your bare foot.
There is something eating up your body, right? Congratulations, it is nitrogen oxide.
You lie down? Ha. You are stupid enough to think this will get you any better.
It is a joke. An advice, never mind that god damn dust, it kills anyway.
Your shaking arms is conducting, my lovely conductor. Coughing with blood.
Who write this deadly piece? You, yourself. You committed it, it is your fault.
No matter how you did it, or exactly how you write it, you are blamed.
Your twisted liver cannot get rid of poison. Does it feel scratchy? it is poison.
Your vomiting stomach is doing white fireworks. Your bleeding mouth is doing red fireworks.
You pee is doing the fountain, good to be called yellow fireworks.
It is colorful, but you can't do a smiley in the sky with any of your fireworks, it is too hard.
Humming sound of chamber is not the part you conduct, my excellent conductor.
... ...
Suffocated is the way you greet your audience, Paralyzed is the method for you to show your loyality to the chamber.
However, you have the right to have your flesh jumping angry, and, you have the right to say any kind of "f*" word.
Doesn't matter now. Oh, you did Hip Hop on the ground, amazing.
You conduct, you dance, you make a fountain, and you do your fireworks at the same time. I should increase your wages.
No complain will about your show, I bet.
People are cheerful, as the consequence, your result slip for this show scored full, perhaps it is your only result slip that scored full.
You are cheerful as well. You stay in your stage, your chamber, until your helpers move you out of the stage.
I know you don't want to go, so you managed to have pieces of you spread out in the chamber. Nice plot.
Finally, you will be turned out, inevitably.
Not moving? Getting bored?
Stay here, or your audience will have you on the stage for a second performance.
A 60 years old of lady, audience: we see he is shaking on the ground like a fish on a cooking pan before he died.
Blood and pee spattering around the chamber like fireworks. It must be hard to clean up this human flesh.

guards who do the clean up: Yes, it is hard, especially who is going to clean that prisoner's body.
The smell on the flesh is kind of like burning tyres. That is not only carbon monoxide, there is sulfur dioxide, which breaches the skin and hair, and it is corrosive that eats up human flesh.
but there are carbon particles that stain the dead body.

(con't the guard, cheerfully: )
The worst is to look at the prisoner's face. white mess things are supposed vomit from his mouth but it is dark grey because of the dust.
It is kind of sad to see that face of struggling. I know.
he is lying down. not moving.
The government have no money for a new chamber, and the chamber doesn't work well, so sometimes I suspect it cooks them instead of suffocating them.
he is entirely black, and red--a mixture of black and red.
his hair is fuzzy and black.
barely recognize it is a human dead body.
It is cold.

It is not moving.
It is cold.
It is not moving.
we relearned that it is dead thing.
No matter how ugly it is, he deserve it.
The more ugly dead look he got, the happier those people who wanted him to die.

The 60 years old of lady, audience: Good job. It is hard work.

(The senior guard to the new guard: )
So, it is better to let him having blood drop by drop dripping out from his eyes after his dead. Wait for the body cool down. Five minutes is enough to make it dead. So you know how to do it the next time.

Be aware of the clotting blood stick to the ground of the chamber. Fellow, clean it up nicely, I don't want to have my prisoners see the blood everywhere when they "use" the chamber. You have to clean up this chamber 10 times a day, because you are highly paid.

The new guard (with a weird look): Hmm. Yep. Perhaps the thing is spectacular at very least, but not the clean up.

don't know it is good or not. I think the picture in my mind is much more horrible than this. I should learn drawing.
Texture of a dead body is not so pretty.

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