Monday, January 02, 2006

Scared Stephenie - Inspired from my dream

Stephanie loves armadillo -

Scared Stephanie - Inspired from my dream

Stephanie entered a physics extreme challenge contest. A white American guy and I followed with her on the way of the contest to cheer her up. In each stop of the contest, contestants had do the assigned professor-level physics questions and do some physical exercises in each stop, then a judge in that stop will tell contestants where is the next stop, according to the contestants answers. So if contestants have different answers, they will go to different stops. If all the answers are right, the judge will show a right next stop to contestants, otherwise, a wrong stop will be told. So only one wrong answer can make a contestant end up with a wrong stop, and the worst of all is the contestant believe the final stop is a right final stop. (All contestants are told "if they are correct, they only have to reach 8 stops to finish." There are around 10 contestants in the contest.)

In the 3rd stop, we reached an indoor parking lot and there is no other contestants in this stop. Stephanie sat down and put the questions on the table. We saw Stephanie starting to do the questions slowly, and she was very concentrated on those questions. She tried to do all the physics in her mind, but she looked like as if she did not know how to do the questions. There are 5 questions in the paper, and she just sat there and think around 3 minutes, then write the answer out.

After she finished those questions, she was assigned to drink 1 gallon of milk, break a glass bottle on the floor and sweep the broken glass away with sweeper. She started drinking the milk a bit by bit, she hold the large milk bottle elegantly at first. (very funny) I felt her she was too slow, I urge her to open her big mouth or she will be behind of others contestants. She felt sick when she was halfway in drinking the milk. I suggested her to break the glass bottle and sweep the floor first, she toke my suggestion and started to sweep the floor, and of course, sweep the floor elegantly (moving her hips accordingly with her sweeping motions). She seemed not hurry herself. Nonetheless, the American guy shouted "Stephanie, Stephanie, Stephanie...", and I shouted "faster, faster, faster..." because we were so impatient to wait and did not want to see her losing.

After some time, her stomach was having a little spacing again and she drink the rest of milk. She was not so elegant and rested now, she looked us aimlessly and she was in fear as we shouted too loud at her. Her hair was soaked with sweat, she was so overwhelming that she cannot balance herself to stand at once. The judge came out and give her the next stop location. We are so rushed and Stephanie decided to catch a taxi to go to the next stop.


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