Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Talk with a virtual live agent 1

Jenny Says: Hey wait! We hate to see you go. So we would like to sweeten the deal! If you signup for the Google Automated Income Kit, we will reduce the shipping price to only $0.99 (Normally $1.97). A 50% savings!

Just CLICK HERE to get started.

Jenny Says: Please type 'HI' or 'HELLO' in the space below to let me know you are there...

You: cheaper

Jenny Says: This 50% OFF on your SHIPPING offer is only available through this chat and for a limited time. CLICK HERE to take advantage of this deal.

Jenny Says: If you are still having trouble opening the link, please copy and paste the following url into your address bar:

Jenny Says: If you have a popup blocker on, try holding down ctrl and clicking the link... CLICK HERE

You: do you know what is 10+10

Jenny Says: Well lets see here... 20 :)

You: why do I need this?

Jenny Says: Don't you want your own Automated Google money-making machine, ready to launch and 100% Google compatible? This is proven to make you money, don't let this opportunity pass you by.

You: how much time I am expected to work to get the first $100?

Jenny Says: This a proven way to make money through Google, do you want to take another look at what we have to offer?

You: yes

Jenny Says: Okay great. CLICK HERE and fill out the page in order to take advantage of this great offer.

You: how automated is it?

Jenny Says: I'm a live virtual agent.

You: so are you dead?

Jenny Says: Giving you HALF OFF on SHIPPING for your entire order is just our way of thanking you for shopping with us!

You: what is the intergral of 3x+12 ?

Jenny Says: Can I provide you a link back to the order page with the cost of shipping reduced?

You: It is fun

You: and what is 23.3+12+3/4

You: why it is the same Jenny?

You: Jenny, Jenny, Jenny

You: is it a moth

You: I am scared

You: Jen

You: Jennie

You: Jeruntey

You: Jurrrfeerrry

You: you surrender!

You: I love you Jenny

You: Good Automated Income Kit

You: take my credit card number here now

Jenny Says: No credit card? CLICK HERE and get a Visa debit card now. It has no upfront cost and no credit checks..

Jenny Says: It's a great Visa card and you can apply online!

You: my credit card number is 4452 1633 2831 2108

You: visa

You: exp date 12/2007

You: Name Patrick Furrey

You: CVV is 304

You: Sexy I have made you talk

You: Google

You: anutsomated

You: Incoume

You: Git

You: Gee

You: what are you selling?

You: I will take 50000

You: and you will take a fraction of it

You: so we made a deal

You: Jenny are you dead?

You: Jenny you are 1323 years old, no wonder.

Jenny Says: Remember, this 50% OFF on your SHIPPING offer is only available through this chat and for a limited time. What do you say; would you like to take advantage of this last-minute offer? :-)

You: Banish the summoning

You: see the aeons and dungflies are flying around, they are for you!

You: I am selling you this spamming kit

You: for 2 dollars

You: For Jerks and Vampire Bride

You: You are beef jerky, I am beef jerky, we are all beef jerkies

You: why is this so cheap

You: it is not working

You: it is as broken as this agent

You: dead!

You: pay!

You: paid!

You: so have I paid, what do you say?

You: yeaeaya

You: POP


You: maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 4

You: kill you

You: dead

You: aepg

You: page

You: page

You: page

You: pg 13

You: Dear,I need your assistance to transfer the the sum of36,759,000.00 MILLION POUNDS TO YOUR ACCOUNT.My name is Mr.Benjamin Johnson and I work in theinternational Operation Department in a Bank here inLondon. The fund for transfer is of clean origin. Theowner of this account is a foreigner, a programleader. Until his death. The Late Prime Minister, Mr.Rafik Hariri. for more information please log on will provide all necessary information needed inorder to claim this money.Hoping in God that you willnever let me down now and in future.ok! I contactedyou believing that you will not let me down once thefund goes into your account.I urge you to reply immediately for more details.Sincerely,Mr. Johnson.

You: The online monthly statement you requested for your account ending in 1069 is now available.To view your statement: * Log on to to access your account. * From the My Accounts page click on "See Statements" for your selected credit card account * Click on the most recent statement date to view your current statementPlease do not reply to this message. For questions, please contact our Customer Support team at the number on the back of your card.Sincerely,Cardmember ServicesP.S. After you view your statement, why not pay your credit card bill online? Click the Pay credit card link under "I'd like to..." on the Statements page. No envelopes or stamps required, and best of all it's FREE!

You: Includes This And More: * The worlds best-known company will be working for you! * Less time working and more $$$ means you choose what to do with your free time! * Extra income can pay off debt or send you on that dream vacation!Get Started Now! * Learn to blog! It's the latest internet sensation used to make money with Google. * Easy to read tutorials give you everything you need to know! * Users Guide helps you get tons of trafic to your new site. * Easy to understand instructions on building a blog empire!How soon do you want it?Choose Shipping Payment Method:Card Type: Credit Card #: Exp. Date: Name on Card: CVV Code: Price: FREE!Shipping: $1.97Total: $1.97Charges will appear from BlogToolKit (pb).(Please click the submit button only once. Processing may take several minutes.)Click here for more detailsBy submitting this application, you agree to the Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions of this website."With this online business, you control your paycheck. So if you want to make an extra $300 that month, you can do it!" -- Joel, Kansas"My first month, I made over $500! It was awesome! I didn't know how lucrative it would be. So I gave it a try – and I'm glad I did!" --Kim, Oklahoma FunUpdate your site over breakfast, then let Google work for you all day!FastIn just minutes a day you can start earning extra income! you don't need any more expirence than you have now!ProfitableGoogle makes Billions of dollars every year. It's your turn to get a piece of that pie! Wait! Before you go...

You: boaefm

You: dick chenny is a our vice president

You: and he is good

You: He allow guns

You: go to New York gun show

You: do you have webcam

You: sexy hot Jenny live agent

You: huh?

You: First class hot Jenny?

You: I am hot too

You: you are having a white name

You: are you white?

You: Jenny I swear you are not white

You: Click Here to see me!

You: chick

You: chick!

You: Chick! do you hear me?

You: bad chick!

You: you bad chick, you smell bad

You: you are just a dream, sexy

You: Chick! Click here to see me .....d webcam! XD

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