Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Wrath of Pullman

The Wrath of Pullman Version: 2
Mega Lyrics: Patrick Yau

The wrath releases your horror, when your soul is dismissed, with disbelieve, when it snows.
Open the cage, Open the damn cage snow. The Wrath of Pullman. Your grimace comes close.
Brittle trees encrusted with ice, in my bitter summer cold.
May ice cones shove them up to professors' asses. The Wrath of Pullman!

The lives have demonized, when it's freezing cold.
Come with me, to the Pullman afternoon darkness. Fall back in the dark.
Let it rain. Let it snow. The frigid impale your mind. ARGGRRRRRRHHH

Narration: The place of evil darkness In the heart of Whitman.

Lyrics: Nocturnal birds cry, Dark crows crow -
Hunting lives with icy raven claws. Fed with inexhaustible greed.
Souls here only grow old, dispel the youth. Your death is on its way.

The wrath of Pullman. There is no place even darker.
Eyes can see in Pullman there is no shadow. All challengers die hard.
Ice cones of May shove them up to professors' asses. The Wrath of Pullman
They eat all the tree bark in my winter cold.

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