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Intentionally lost in translation: Your birthday curses

Intentionally lost in translation: Your birthday curses (Non-real, people who don't read that this will be screwed!)

1st Individualist, selfish. Stupid enough to accept being ripoff by everyone, as a result - being admired by everyone.

2nd  Real softies. Always want peace even they are dead. Overly romantic. Prone to feel doomed when bitched.

3rd  Artistic and random personality, but it is everyone who'd like to ****

4th  Too serious, too down to Earth. Unadjustable. Very dumb.

5th  These brains are fast and versatile. Because the brain is the biggest sex organ of the entire body, they are pretty fast and versatile too. These lovers need a lot of stimulations at all times, and do not like to be NOT stimulated.

6th  Warm and soft again. Their chests are airports, and very friendly. They always say cheesy stuff to everyone that they can think of.

7th  Hypersensitive, hypertension. Do not want to be stimulated, as opposed to people who were born on the 5th. Vulnerable to porn as they are too sensitive and un-coordinated. Favorable to asylums and prisons.

8th  Once they are determined on a thing, they will do it all they can. A lot of stupid friends and sexy enemies.

9th  Loves doggy styles whenever they swim on the bed or the swimming pool. Love everyone. Promiscuous. Easily to be manipulated by anyone and any environment. One word: Promiscuous.

10th Strong will power, and desires. Individual sexual predator. Beware of them, they can pimp everyone out one by one if they want to: They will insist until they are not a loser.

11th Romantic and possesses dysfunctional personality. Idealistic and enjoy working until the end of their life.

12th Elegant and petty. Scholastically impaired. Toilet trained. Entitled to physical slavery.

13th Too calm, too silent. Honest. Trusted Satanic person for many people. Usually the first observing the devil.

14th Clear brain. Sexually curious. Wants pleasure and loves being impulsive. They pimp people good because they have good luck, and they seldom fail.

15th Strong willed person. Stubbornly insisting that they are slave of KKK. Love to patronize people.

16th Smart but stupid in a long run. Unaffected to emotions, but just pimping with their own reasonings. They cook with their special set of bizarre seasonings too! Very dumb. Yes, dumb!

17th Subjective and friendly. Not a coward. Guys/Girls next door. Resident bad ass.

18th Extremist. Either they are the minions of the Nazi Hilter, or they are loved to be owned.

19th Have good imagination, ass-flavored temper, and with ass-flavored talent. Loser.

20th Peace and Lovers in general. Cherry flavored temper - having the most girly temper that you can think of and may be beyond. Waywardly coward. Very often they make some defense mistakes so people would love to hit them in the groin. And they are crying about it, and no one cares.

21st Very happy and active. They want to build an utopia without sex in this imperfect world.

22nd Darn serious. If they can't go serious, they will just darn it. If they darn it with their spouse everyday, they will have a great business with the Bush and the like.

23rd Challenge everything, including compare career, sex (in particular sex performance), body parts, money and religion. Love new things (some peculiar toys) and short tempered.

24th Love sex. Crazy. When their fellows have blue balls, they will always give a helping hand.

25th Love freedom and have curiosity on everything. They are massively produced short-sighted morons.

26th Can deal with great stress and pressure, including sex. Very practical about how to teach a baby to have sex.

27th Be his/her own bitch. Emotional, and very emo. Very versatile with oppose gender, his/her own gender, and other kinds of genders like dead objects. A successful untreated TMS (Traumatic masturbatory syndrome) patient.

28th Very tough on everything including the bed. He/she loves to fight through everything such as and especially "the blockage". Females who are born this day are thought to be lesbians, tomboys or interested in female domination.

29th Life is like a vi, if you can reach there with your dumb luck, everything and everyone will be pleased by you. Sometimes these people are very successful emo.

30th Talented with writing erotic materials. These people can be found as reporters in adult magazines. However, they are irresponsible and unclear especially on sex issues. Beware of them.

31st Stubborn personality implies being stubborn on the bed. They usually admit that they have partners that they can torture all day long. They do believe in themselves very much even their partners are already begging.


1號 獨立精神的野心家。因為包容心強又喜歡照顧別人,身邊會圍繞許多仰慕者。

2號  性格溫柔,喜愛和平,是個感情豐富的浪漫主義者。缺點是容易為一點小事就受傷害。

3號  洋溢藝術天分,雖然性情令人捉摸不定,但是基本上還是屬於受歡迎的一型。

4號  嚴謹認真,凡事都會腳踏實地努力耕耘。不過自我意識頗強烈,不善於和他人協調。

5號  腦筋動得很快,擁有適應變化的能力。喜歡追求刺激,較難安於現狀。

6號  個性溫和而且穩重。最大的特色就是不論對任何人,都可以表現得既親切又寬大。

7號  感受力敏銳,非常懂得察言觀色。不過缺乏和周圍協調的能力,注意不要變得太自我中心。

8號  一旦下定決心,K充滿幹勁全力以赴。這種個性的人朋友多,敵人也多。

9號  善解人意,又富有博愛精神。容易感情用事,也容易受到環境左右。

10號 意志力旺盛,不服輸,獨立心也十分旺盛。需注意不要流於莽撞行事。

11號 性格浪漫又多愁善感,是個肯努力的理想主義者,能夠盡情享受豐富的人生。

12號 具有華麗高貴的氣質,對各種事物都抱有興趣,常識豐富,教養良好。

13號 個性冷靜謹慎,即使再細微的細節也能注意到。再加上本性誠實,能得到許多人的信賴。

14號 頭腦清楚,好奇心旺盛,樂於追求快感,又行事衝動;不可思議的是運氣總是很好,很少失敗。

15號 意志力很強,立定目標後無論遇上任何挫折,都會排除萬難達成。通常都很喜歡照顧別人。

16號 聰明,做事情有條理,不輕易受別人影響,做什麼都有自己的一套。

17號 平常看起來溫和體貼,其實主觀很強,有時候會出現大膽行動,讓身邊的! 人大吃一驚。

18號 性格非常極端,不是意志堅定勇往直前;就是感情用事隨波逐流。

19號 想像力豐富,有個性又有才華。不過自尊心很強,而且有好強不服輸的傾向。

20號 是個性喜和平的浪漫主義者。脾氣雖然不錯,但如太過任性,將會遇上意想不到的挫折。

21號 開朗快活,充滿活力,到哪裡都很有人緣,是凡事都往好處想的樂天主義者。

22號 認真而且責任感很強,只要不剛愎自用,做生意成功的機率很大。

23號 挑戰心旺盛,學什麼都能很快上手。問題是喜新厭舊,而且欠缺耐性。

24號 擁有敦厚慈愛的人品,所以即使個性神經質,遇到低潮時,身邊的人都願意伸出援手。

25號 看事情不求深入,隨著好奇心行動,到處累積經驗。個性獨立。熱愛自由。

26號 耐壓力特強,即使肩頭責任重大,也能夠處理得穩穩當當,是個實行主義者。

27號 有個性,感情也豐富。擁有應付各種狀況的機智,若能掌握時機,成為成功人士的機會很大。

28號 韌性很強,擁有戰勝困難的力量。這天出生的女性,常給人一種妖豔的印象。

29號 人生的道路似乎波折不斷,容易感情用事不過運氣和生命力都很強,必定能夠成功,獲得幸福。

30號 擁有語言文筆藝術等天分。缺點是容易沈浸於逸樂,而缺乏責任感。

31號 誠實認真很清楚自己的人生目標,能依照自己的信念和原則過一輩子。但個性有些頑固。

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