Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ripoff by Technology Products? Here is what I think

Referring to the article

"By integrating high definition DVD playback and Internet access into their units, they are taking the first steps necessary to eventually make a deal with a cable company to put all their features into just one box; for want of a better word, a WiiDVDCablePVR unit." -

That is essentially a computer, what?

What a fuss to buy all these chubby equipments, wii, tv, such and such. What a hassle to buy an universal remote and you need to train all the remotes. You get used to the old ten remotes, and now even one more remote to take care of? This universal remote, it is more complicated - essentially a computer, you have to get use to it again. Why bother? What a waste of money. I say I am going to use my blazing fast computer to do it all. I don't need all that crap. If you are that good messing around with the remotes all that junk, you had better to learn how to use a computer probably and make the greatest use out of it. If I were that MIT professor I would say "just use the computer," and of course this won't make a good piece of news.

Just clam all that into the computer. This is the same big old trend, sounds familiar? I don't need TiVo, I need a TV tuner. You don't need DVD, a computer will do. You don't need Cable, there are so much online show. PVR? Oh, it is "VCR" to me - ironically. One day I will make the computer cook an eatable gourmet dinner for myself - not so hard too.

No kidding.
Senior, Computer Science, WSU, US

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