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The Fake Four-God Bible (Part 2a)

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Please read the The Fake Four-God Bible (Part 1) first before you get into this Part 2, although it won't hurt if you read backwards.

My comments on the writing of this series of articles: Everyone drink more black water - Coffee or coke before reading this! One make you pee another make you fat and inflated. They both have caffeine in it. I don't need any caffeine though. The last time I consume coffee or soft drink is like 7 months ago... Uh. I hate myself spelling like a Brit and I am fixing myself to stop typing like a Brit. I hate my editing bloopers. It does take me time to think and write about Religion. However, it is well worth it. May peace be with you.

Science and technology, Religion, Art, Nature, Humanity have been discussed all the time. These topics are so big that we are prone fall into some logical fallacies. Scrupulous caution is required.

Conspiracy theories are a dime a dozen. Well Religion is also a theory, just like Science. And you know what? If you do any kinds of reasoning, you have already set your foot on the land of Science. We always want to find the best fit solutions to problems, and we call this Science. No theory can be dismissed without insightful evaluation, because we give equal respect to all theories. We scientists don't have blind faith on any particular theory, and this is one of the many things about scientific attitude. Do you know why people are so attached to the current semi-perfect system? Yes, BLIND FAITH and FALSE SUBMISSION to Human Organized Religion. I don't claim Religion is asking us worshiping the false God, instead I have seen problems stemmed from Religion plus Science and I am addressing to it.

Don't get upset with the Part 1a of the Fake Four-God Bible series. It is about the conflict and the aftermath of misusing of Christianity Buffet. Part 1b is a good answer for people who wants to retrofitting Religion with Science, though it is still an incomplete framework to convert every important things in existence from Science to Religion and vice versa. You got the idea.

The main focus of this article again is all about people's attitude towards Religion, and this article is not about appealing acceptance or advocating denial of all kinds of Religion teachings.

==Why I have chosen that crazy title "the Fake Four-God Bible"?==

First, it is eye-catching. Second, it implies something revolutionary. Third, this series of articles will reveal to people that organized Religion can divide people to the extend that no one can believe in. Fourth, it is an invitation to include scientists and atheists as a common platform of the discussion of this series of articles.

And yes, I have some friends who worship Satan. Some of them have refused to talk about religion. Some of them blame God for all the sufferings. Some of them simply keeping themselves silent and do not know what to do. Others run into a seemingly-incurable state of confusion like me.

Attitude of Religion at personal level -
A Serious Consideration

Do you or have you blame the system and the society, yourself, or religion and God when you are depressed or when you fail at something?

My own theory on Life and Religion - It is a THEORY:

Everyone wants to be perfect. Everyone wants to looks good. It is so normal. However, what is the reality?

Is it suffering means too much for you, and you have to blame God for all kinds of suffering on Earth?

If we were so smart, we could have been in a utopia by now!

==Everyone's fight between Religion and Science==

To figure all these out is extremely counter-intuitive. It is harder than any kind of physics lessons that I have been sitting in.

That is something that you should see.

Zeitgeist - An award winning documentary

I do disagree the atheism that is shown in the movie due to the following reason:

"What can't be measured is not Science," from Einstein.

But, "What can't be measured doesn't show it exists or not," I said.

This is the very exact moment that I don't have too much trust and adhesion towards Science.

It is very possible for Religion was establish merely as social control, as the documentary has suggested.

==Someone blaming the God because He make us?==
If God do everything for you, you are not yourself anymore when you start depend on Him. Therefore, instead, He put us into tests, and hopefully these tests can change us into something great and good from the within. And it is not very fair to blame him for that? But why he is making us like this? Or is it his way of punishing us?

Our positive self-esteem is systematically and collectively crushed because of our failures. With our low self-esteem and low confidence, and having an inferior complex towards whoever who are successful in the society; Plus some of us have an inferior complex towards celebrities, thus "worshiping" them like false idols --- Because of our inferior complex, we have turned ourselves into semi-machines, and never have the courage to question the society. The few who has stand up and talk about it, Religion supporters and politicians supporters dismiss them as "conspiracies theories." How can they be so sure that the likely conspiracies isn't the real deal? Why don't they doubt about it? It is all about being conservative (i.e. Resistant to change), and being submissive to blind faith on this current semi-perfect system.

"I think I had made all my mistakes before my 40s, but I think it still worth it. One of the biggest mistake that I had ever made was, I am trying to be someone else. However, as I have discover that it won't work, I found out that MY LIFE is not I should try to be someone else, but MY LIFE IS TO FIND OUT WHO I AM REALLY ARE. I HAD PLAYED THE GAME ALL WRONG!!" -- A quote from someone.

And, that guy is successful afterall, and he was talking in the television in a documentary. When you are able to take yourself and others in your life as things that are all about you like they are a part of you (love), the world is actually yours and it will do things in your way, just because you look at the world differently, and thus you do things differently, and voila, there you are!

--I have worked so hard for nothing!? Why?--
"But by the grace of God I am what I am, and his grace to me was not without effect. No, I worked harder than all of them - yet not I, but the grace of God that was with me." -- 1 Corinthians 15:10

Comments: Unless some people are trying to con you and intentionally wanted to keep you as a slave; otherwise, for anyone to be successful in this world, it is the method that all matters, and mere brute force and temporal boost of energy can only help as much as finishing a day. Working smarter with shorter time, and distributing work to others is the model. Stopping the problem before it happens, which is made possible by "surgical" grade of linguistic precision, which takes a lot of time to refine and prepare (Basics of Intellectual leadership). So if the communication is not clear, this will lead to frustration, and further to the end of conversations. AND the work is not done!

==Someone blaming the system as it is oppressing everyone?==
It is very possible the society is oppressing the people like the movie Zeitgeist has suggested. Concerning upward mobility, low-wage workers should have been treated better.

==Unconditional Love==
As I have found out, unconditional love should be unconditional in the big picture, but it's love is actually conditional during microscopic events. (I sound like a Buddhist here. Well, sometimes I sound like a Christian too, and sometimes I sounds like an atheist. Because I have nail this crap down, so it these religion artificial categorization will not work on me anymore. That is why I feel so great now.) Being mean to certain people right now is actually good for them in the future.

"Love your neighbor as yourself." - a Jesus saying in the Bible
Seriously and personally, I went into deep trouble just because I was trying to "implement" this. I am still not wise enough to deal with abusive people. And here I am now: if I know that I am not reaching "that" level of intelligence, I just skip that friend or people, it can be on just a certain aspect, and it can be also the entire person.

Blaming God for everything doesn't help out. Praying isn't asking God for a change either - it just make you feel better, just because He is too laid back to take some serious actions. All he does is seemingly "retro" - that is, everyone's infamous afterlife treatment - the Final Judgment - Should you ascending to the Heaven or sink to the bottom to the underworld? If you are very serious about what is happening now to you, and he did something for you after the fact, you would be very frustrated, and thus thinking God isn't there for you at all.

==Unwrapping the Gifts from God==
Everyone has a sizeable gift from God, but not everyone knows how to unwrap his/her gift. In the Church, we always ask gifts from God, and we are greedy, and we have so much problems opening these gifts. For those who could not open these gifts, they think they haven't received the gifts.

In the Church, we utter the words from the Bible. The priests talk about God and Jesus, and the past again and again. We can hardly relate ourselves into the stories from the past, simply we are not in the pictures in the stories. We utter the prayers from the pamphlets, and how many of us actually knowing and feeling the words are effective on us? The mass has been ritualized into a form that it is so formidable and inhuman. For example, in a catholic church, God does looks very powerful, but He seems to be very far away from our souls because the process of the mass has been mechanized by procedures. These ritualized procedures has problems because it doesn't change through the time, and thus has trouble to fulfill its audience's spiritual needs.

Einstein may have thought that the real deity isn't described on the Bible. Even though the historic Jesus (if that is valid) doesn't match the description of God from the Bible, there is still so much more to be explained and be deciphered in the Bible. We will hold our breathe until everything to become clear.

Just a theory: Perhaps God doesn't need to make an "underworld" for nasty souls, he may have simply put those nasty souls into the Third World on the Earth, where people are in the position of dying, suffering, and possibly deprived from knowledge, where they reincarnate again and again there until the end of time...

If holy communion can be only taken after baptism, probably I am a great sinner - I have refused take holy communion in a catholic church as an organist there every Sunday and three years straight because I am not baptized. I have been listening to the sermons so carefully and I was always looking around to see the funny looks when people fall asleep during sermons. On the top of that, I have been in two Catholic schools for a total of fifteen (15) years. Those schools impose praying, so all of us utter the prayers like having boring sex and daily routines. I was the chairman of Catholic Society in that school because I was believed to be one of the most spiritual beings at school and has my own characteristics. However, I am actually a living proof of Christianity failure because I can't find the answer even the teachers have taught us that we should be very anal* and critical about everything. Even though I have seen my fellow students having spiritual crisis and I was so helplessness since Religion has been "petrified" by institutionalization.

*Anal = Anal Retentive

Adjective: A stage in psychosexual development when the child's interest is concentrated on the anal region; fixation at this stage is said to result in orderliness, meanness, stubbornness, compulsiveness, etc.

Before holy communion and after it, I don't see *observable* differences between those people who has taken them. However, the reality is that advertising of Religion has a lot in common with the advertising industry for commercial products in these modern days.

Conclusion: Doing the right thing in life does not require intensive assistance of Religion if you have spiritual support from appropriate people. If people found themselves better with Religion, that is good for them. However, these people who find God should not push others to believe in them because they don't have proof that we all can see. Finding God, or finding no God is just one of the process that everyone has to go through - just like other good and evil in this world - we need to experiment on it. Life itself is an experiment. We perfect ourselves by experimenting and through all success and failures.

Attitude of Religion at Interpersonal Level

==Heresy and Schism==
There is something in modern Religion that has divided us because we are taking religion way too seriously. Arguments occur when we are all tried too hard to be accurate on something that no one knows. Well, to be fair, it is not Religion that has divided us. It is some stubborn human beings who are/were deeply involved in the Church in the now and the past constantly intentionally and/or unconsciously dividing the Church. Thus, they divided us and we may be some of them. Somehow, we can't blame them entirely. Martin Luther wasn't the only one. It was the argument between Martin Luther and the Catholic Church... Blah. Blah. Blah. Skipping the history, you all know it all after some research. We are/were so stubborn to the point that it is so ridiculous. The stubbornness turned Religion into an argument-eating machine that are eating our time and our lives! And Religion is no longer straight-forward because of the division, people are trying to avoid talking about Religion because of possible disagreements. People are confused. Look at the Buddhists and Muslims, there are way less denominations among themselves than the Christians*. What are the Christians doing? Have you heard of the Taoists and the Buddhists fight each other like a civil war?

*But conflicts in Islam is just crazy. These are the stubborn people I am talking about. They fight because of because of greed and stubbornness. This is just perfect for the people of the craziness carrying out numerous bloodshed and genocides.

When I see some Christians holding signs to apologize for their misrepresentation of their God, we need a real solution. When we take away our stubbornness, the Church can be re-united and it is possible for a calling for a stop for the modern incredible Christianity Buffet. In this modern times, some people don't care about this Buffet and believe the same stuff all the time without any complains (LOL, ignorants). Some people has took advantage of the Buffet and they change their Church whenever they don't like it. Yea, the Churches are serving Christians, but are you serious that now all you can see is the Christians are all above the Churches?

One Church was too controlling when it was the 14th century or so. If the Church could do it again now and know about what happened to now for the Church, probably they won't do the same mistake by insisting such unnecessary stubbornness within themselves. It was a serious catastrophic mistake that no one has fixed it in time.

If we keep on the deduction of this timeline, further down the timeline, the Four-God Bible and the alike, plus new denominations in Christianity will emerge so as to serve some peoples' needs, just because the current Religion doesn't serve the spiritual needs of those individuals. See how many people worship the evil? Current mainstream religion doesn't serve them good, and they have turned to worship something evil... The Four-God Bible and the alike in the future would be an attempt to rewrite the bible. Look at all the current versions of Bible and the additions to it - they are more than you have guessed. Our psychological foot have stepped on the Bible, on the top of it more than once already. Since when the Bible and the Churches are below us, and we pick them from the ground and not from the heaven?

Religion is starting to look like a human with Four legs like those mutated animals in the movie the Resident Evil. Humanity's Religion is mutating badly, but I am not saying God is mutating though.

Also, are all churches accept all human in existence?
Is that rich people go to rich church? Smart people go to smart church? Well, many of us have found that poor people go to poor church. The more Churches, the more problem they creates.

My conclusion to my theory is: The possible stubbornness of the Church members is causing the dividing of the Church. If we were NOT being so stubborn about this and that, the Church wouldn't have been divided. Modern Churches should be merged and using the current structure rather than a total overthrow of the entire system, which can be hurting more than helping when the mass public go through all those overthrown transitions. Plus, a brand new Church system isn't necessary better.

==Religion's Advertising Physics==

When there is someone so powerful, but not within your reach, you would still want Him so badly even if He doesn't exist. IF He doesn't exist, there must be some tricks involved in the mass somehow to make people think that He exist. I am NOT saying that He doesn't exist though. I am just using a pair of blue science lens, what can observed with this pair of lens is just Psychology and Science, no imagination is applied here...

Religion, in many ways, is like a product in the modern days. The Church is the company. Holy communion and sermons are the products that the Church wants to sell or advocate. Holy communion and sermons has make us think that God is really there. If you want to have something material, real and physical - it is the Holy communion. If you get something real and good, that translates into your satisfaction. Without Holy communion, you don't feel Jesus is real and someone touchable. That is how Holy communion works. Even if the holy communion isn't real, someone would suggest you that you had better think there is more going on in the holy communion in this ritualized mechanical procedure during a Catholic mass.

--Religion is still providing Social structure and chambering communities--
Religion, in the past centuries, has been the social structure and the host of that the community resides. Time changes, but still, Religion accepts everyone. The Church accommodates spiritually weak people and become a great charity for the human kind. Religion Effectively reduce a lot of sufferings in the world. (Applause Positively!) However, whether its methods of teachings are effective, I certainty doubt about it.

Religion has also changed. The creditability of Religion community is now shrinking in proportion to other disciplines creditability. There emerged a bunch of workers merely working for the society, only focus on the money, and scientists coming up with theories that are incompatible with Religion.

==The great resemblance between Priests and Santa Claus==
It is remarkable. The kids wants to see Santa Claus during Christmas and all year. The adults wants to see Jesus during Christmas and all year. Here is the analogy, Child to Santa, and Adults to Jesus. For the Priests, when they carry out their clerical duties in the mass, is thought to be inspired and influenced by God or Jesus. Everyone can play Santa Claus, but not everyone can be a priest. That is the difference, and such resemblance is just remarkable, though I have nothing to conclude with it...

==Psychological Quarantine==

"You know nothing about us." - A Christian has been said to me.
"You know nothing about how much we has been going though to make your point of view to be right." - That was how I replied the Christian.

For long, there is a barrier exists between Religion and Science - and it is our attitude towards Bible. Christians, skeptics, scholars and scientists have been citing the Bible all the time to proof their righteousness. Bible is their battle field. When there are conflicts about Religion and Science, the parties of the conflicts reject other groups as if they are quarantining those people, and this is what I called Psychological Quarantine.

The Religious and the Scientists are barred from each other just because of the topic about God!

==Wrong attitude leads to disasters==

When we will end our stubbornness? When we will stop piss off about everything that is so remotely far from our proximity. We are all tired arguing this and that, and when we would like to stop? May we seeing the world differently though the world doesn't change... By the means of love.

Attitude on Religion at Interdisciplinary Level

==Has Religion failed in Science rubric?==
Short answer: For now, not yet in some areas; in some other areas, it is already disagreeing with itself. This answer will not be changed in the near future.

--The Sign Crumbling of Organized Religion--
A Mormon church can be started with false prophet who is a 14-year-old? They actually try to convince you that a 14-year old has started a real church and they just pray to verify it. That is just one story of one more church is divided and born. There are so many divisions on Christianity and Islam alone. The difference is staggering just because Religion is being overly discussed, and people just don't agree with it. Religion is kicking itself into its groin!

A big however, usually people can find equivalency between people's conclusion about their life, their own experiences, the Religion scriptures (e.g. Bible) and also what all kinds of mainstream Religion has agreed on. Personally, I never object the Bible as a whole, but I would say some of the things in Bible does not agree with what we have found, perhaps some of us have been reading the Bible in the wrong way. For the wars people have committed in this world because of Religion, it is totally stupid for them to start a war because of merely by interpret Religion in a wrong way.

Also, it is wrong to conclude whatever human can't understand is just the God. Plus, no one should just admire the complexity of the universe and just because of this complexity, they believe in God. If they are smart enough, they should have ask for more about God.

Religion - it is just like Science. Religion is an attempt to narrow down the black box for whatever we cannot explain, just like Science. However, religion is not successful to pinpoint the black box yet. If religion were so successful, we all would have believe in it.

Science is an approximation of the real Truth, and Science does change, but Religion movement is so static that it doesn't evolve through time, but it is getting corrupted. Somehow the scientists are more successful in figuring out the black box of the unknown, one of the main reasons is that Science is a collection of theory that are widely accepted without using oppression and brainwashing, unlike Religion.

Before God we are all equally wise - and equally foolish. - Albert Einstein

If Albert Einstein says something "Before the God," do you think he has buy into Religion? This is what we call silent resistance. Very funny indeed. Silent resistance has been used by the Jews in concentration camp to boycott the Nazi in the World War II. Einstein has been too polite. However, he is very wise at the same time. If he was being too direct, the Christians would have been criticize him, and his message probably would not have reached me.

God is like the cub in that WSU Bear Research Center, which is very hard to observe and requires tremendous patience. -- The reflection after a visit of WSU Bear Research Center, a place in 100 feet radius of WSU Orchard.

When will people stop being pushy and *anal to force others citing a theory as Truth?

*Anal = Anal Retentive

Adjective: A stage in psychosexual development when the child's interest is concentrated on the anal region; fixation at this stage is said to result in orderliness, meanness, stubbornness, compulsiveness, etc.

For anything that we can't observe, we don't say it doesn't exist. Atheists are more concerning about the time of now, they don't need to know what God is, but they cannot prove there is absolutely no God. I am not quite sure why atheist are so sure that God doesn't exist. There is more than one way to find God, not just the Bible. Even though there are some alleged inconsistencies in Bible and we cannot draw conclusions from it, the search of God doesn't end there. However, trying to guess the real face of God and/or trying to describe the God system in pretty pointlessness: Simply because: First, these discussions are outside and beyond of the words from Bible. Without proofs, people will not know whether they are talking about is real or not. These discussions will sure just end up in the piles of unproven religious theories. Second, does it really matter to picture and imagine God down to the fact that we know whether He has four hands or thousand hands!? Plus, will we remotely gaining anything about the role of God in this world after we know for the fact that our real God actually has eleven hands on his left shoulder!!?? Our organized religion is doing an overkill! We should reassign the role of how organized religion work for us!

==The Need of Separation of Science and Law Systems from Religion ==

When I referring to "God," that is not necessary referring to Christian's God. It can be anything equivalent standing in the proposed "God" position, e.g. Karma and the like.

Science is the clone of the reasoning of God.
Law is the clone of the judgment of God.
Without these clones, it is very hard for the mass to interpret and learn more about God. These clones are required to be out of influence from Religion, so that they can purify and change themselves in a way that people can understand. Religion is about jumping to an answer without human reasoning and proof.

I object whenever any religion are going too far in restricting personal freedom and speech rights. rather there should exist man-made laws to escape the binding and influence from Religion. Man-made laws are necessary for human beings to understand why Religion has advised us to deal with outlaws in certain ways. After the court and trials, should any injustice is leftover, and if should God exists, I am expecting God will clean it up (Final Judgment). It isn't necessary there requires God to clean up our mess, it can be any "Karma" that will get back at evil deeds.

If I don't buy into "God," I should be convinced that there exists "the system of Karma," because I can experience this system everywhere. Karma that I have observed is surfaced in events among people, sometimes it can be incoherent. However, whether Karma is the "echo" from the doings of people will need to be determined (just like Physics here!). I do not agree that sin should be inherited through generations, and we can find some religion have proposed there exists past lives and future lives (Reincarnations). Though these are unproven theories as of right now.

When we are all trying to argue with something that we all don't know about, that is Religion. The discussion of Religion up to the amount of these daysnowadays is unnecessary. Religion needs to talk people with the attitude of modern Science, and it should propose its concept with this attitude. Emphasizing the Religion is a theory, just like Science is the way to go to convince more people buy into Religion in these post-modern days.

If science is counting from 0 to 100, religion is counting 100 back to 0! However, that isn't bad to count backwards. It is just different.

Religion is a theory. Science is also a theory. However, Science is more humble in human point of view. When Religion is now falling apart, Science is harder to fall apart because it is base on all that we can see. Science is intentionally 100% all you can see. Everything is transparent in Science; however, Religion is not.

Well, Some might think that the universe need to have some conclusive patterns to make science valid. That is not true. If the universe is not in consistence, Science will need to find out why and how the universe is inconsistence. Science can be all changed in a day, but religion itself is inflexible because it is not made of what we can see. People believe in Religion with faith but without any objection, but hardly there is someone to prove theories about Religion right or wrong. And thus, the discussion of religion is invalid from Science point of view.

--"But Jesus is the Truth!"--

So if you think Jesus is the Truth, go ahead. No one will stop you from thinking freely. You are almost saying "Believe me, believe me and believe me. I am right and I am right." Of course that doesn't really help.

I do not know why there is no more Jesus, Egypt Thor or Moses in this modern world. But "Jesus *is* present in the world today in all the Christians." How can we be so sure that is Jesus but not something else equivalent? How can you be so sure about the unknown and take an alleged speculation as Truth? That is why Christianity is a Religion!

Quoting myself: "If people found themselves better with Religion, that is good for them. However, these people who find God should not push others to believe in them because they don't have proof that we all can see. Finding God, or finding no God is just one of the process that everyone has to go through - just like other good and evil in this world - we need to experiment on it. Life itself is an experiment. We perfect ourselves by experimenting and through all success and failures."

Science is not the Truth. Science is base on experiments and draw conclusion from these experiments, and thus, it is an approximation of the Truth. Science has been shown to all people all over the world that it has been the approximation of the Truth. Science is not so sure about itself because Science is valid only if the experiments results are reproducible, and it can be rewritten anytime. However, if the law of the universe is not a constant and random, Science will try to explain why the universe is changing in such a way. Therefore, science can exist even the world is not a constant as a whole. Science did not start at Renaissance. Science attitude starts at human curiosity, and curiosity is born in the first human known to exist - that also sounds agreeing with the bible.

Scientists are not arrogant. Simply because Science is intentionally made of 100% all you can see. The definition of Science has been redefined many many times. Some of the things that we have found in nature and experiment is not agreeable with the bible, that was what I am saying. Science doesn't rule itself, the Truth rules Science.

--Risk Being Too Sure about God--
Never be so sure about God and Jesus. It is all speculation anyway. On the other hand, I am not quite sure why atheist claims that there is absolutely no God. I am not an atheist by any chance, but I say extraneous description about Religion is pointless - and more description about God, the more we disagree with it. Someone has said you cannot get close to God only with Religion - and that is quite true in my case. So, the creationists, who believe that the universe is made by God, should read the bible again and again so that they can find out that what is being written in the Bible is an obscure analogy to how God make the world, rather than reading the Bible word by word that God really create the universe in "seven days." Religious people, if they are truly religious, will never found reading the Bible is boring because some parts of Bible is just cryptic when they are trying to compare what is being written in Bible to the modern world.

What is making them so sure about their own Religion known in existence? FAITH to organized religion!

Loyal to God and having faith and loyal to Human Organized Religion are two different things.

So, what is Science's take about God? Science determines whatever that cannot be explained through Science will be called as the unknown by Scientists. With Science, there allows speculations and theories, with numerous possibilities, coincidence and correlation. However, all these speculations, theories, possibilities, coincidence and correlation will have to be proven. Yet, Religion is very smart to pass and grandfathered itself that it can skip this proving step. That is why Science is humbler than Religion.

--Should we pay equal respect to Religion and Science?--
Yes, Science and Religion is complimentary. Religion offers a quasi-stable answer to ultimate questions, while Science is still wondering about it. Religion is a belief, if Religion makes you feel better, use it. However, do not be so sure about God with Religion, because one day Science will see God one day, if God exists.

Conclusion: Science and Religion are just tools for us to interpret the world. Nothing really special. Scientists don't worship science. Scientists "use" what they know to do great things. It is not a cult or ritual. It is base on everything that we have proven to be working in explainable details. Science is not a Religion itself, it is an approximation of the Truth. Science is not intended to be a subject for blaming God for all the phenomena known to exist in this world.

==The debate of God's existence between Religion and Science is pointlessness? Yea, to a certain degree==
Trinity and the Bible - This is the entrance of Christian theology, and you can't do it with modern Science. I have found it is hard to connect the Religion framework with the Science framework. Religion framework is kind of disconnected with modern Science.

Why God isn't consist of more elements but just three of it? Or should we say that there must require all these three elements to get the "system" working. Why God is not something else of equivalent? So religious people please go home and read the Bible again...

My take on this is:
Don't be confused, I worship no one, but I do respect. Respect is given at a default value, and anyone can lose it by their actions.
I don't have faith on anyone, instead I trust them.
There is no wish, no hope, and no speculation, but only us will do.
There is no faith that should blind you, but it should be the tremendous patience under the best reasoning available.
To be faithful means to be subordinated, and submission - arguably another word for slavery.
If we are sons and daughters of God, we don't need to "worship" him, but instead pay him the respect.

The paradox that I have found to be existed in Religion right now:
If God creates everything, you people are merely objects to him. If He can take back everything he would like, there is no need to worship Him because you are His - your consciousness is also His, so you are a part of Him already. Your arms don't worship your legs. I am serious.

--See also--
A lot of more Quotes from Albert Einstein and evaluation from another site

Creationism is Doomed

So you think all I have wrote is a blasphemy? But, since when you have thought about our Religion is totally making sense, reasonable and acceptable?

==Technology is imitating God==

No doubt. Technology is imitating God. God is depicted by many others as all wise, all known, all able, and everywhere. Technology enable us to be that way.

Technology like artificial intelligence nowadays is in very rapid development. Machines nowadays are remembering better than we do, though we can still outsmart the machines. Science can be going to far to the point that our technology can improve itself - and this phenomenon is Singularity. There is a lot of speculations for what will happen if the humanity get past the technology singularity.

Technological singularity is a theoretical point in the future of unprecedented technological progress, caused in part by the ability of machines to improve themselves using artificial intelligence. - For your quick information - Wikipedia

Technology singularity is formidable to many of us. Will the machines out power us like the movie Matrix? Or are we all going to die all the sudden if technological singularity is not properly controlled? I have got to tell you folks. It is more threatening than the Y2K.

==Is Science failing in the lens of Religion?==
It is so threatening that the unknown, the uncertainty has been suggesting people about the end of the world. Some people do have certain technology withdrawal and be aware of the possible consequences of over-developed technology. Withdrawaling from modern technology entirely does not help anything at all. The inventions of fire, hurling livestocks and making hunting tools are seen as the technology. Technology is a double edge sword. We should use Science for good.

==See Also==
More information about Technological singularity


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==Coming Next in the Fake Four-God Bible (Part 2b)==

  • Study in scarlet
  • We are all tired. Why still bothering the ultimate question? We need to deal with it now.
Interpersonal Level
  • Swimming - rebellion - The story of hair bleach.
  • Effective mass. - 300 billion is believing into it, so you should! Convinced by the number?
Interdisciplinary Level
  • Retrofitting Religion with Science
  • The power and the places that Science and technology, Religion, Art, Nature and Green, People, History, Economics reign on.
  • When Science corrupts, and corrupts corrosively...
  • Stupid people cannot handle GUNS, but I don't love guns. If you love guns for self defense, you may love nuclear weapons If you love guns for self-defense, you may love nuclear weapons.
  • The Overspent Americans.
The Universe Level
  • Theory: May be He the God is now feeling very happy with the world haven't been falling apart...
  • Why God didn't punish us by making Adam and Eva as one big thick piece of goo? (Answer from my dear friend - Jeff Moss.)

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