Monday, August 18, 2008

Yahoo Answer: Crazy answer for lazy people

Question: What era did Sigmund Freud live in?

During the age of Pisces, when the leaves were falling during the Easter, and when flocks after flocks of sheeps peeing on each other with harmony, and also with lines after lines of poop leaving tracks on the ground, the phenomenon of Sigmund Freud occured during that period, when dogs cough behind the cats while the cats fart. It was the time that every government in the world ordered all woman to shave the armpits of every man on the Earth, and feed these messes into the greediest man on the Earth.

It was supposed to be the time when the humankind think that they will eat the rats alive online as food in the future. That era was the time when the handsome boys were all considered as disabled and they were only responsible for massaging the maggots in the bulged stomachs in the flies using the toenails. It was the time when a nest of ants were captured by the kids using a big air-tight aquarium where the sand and earth were replaced by just sugar. The kids left the aquarium alone, while the queen of the ant nest was still laying more eggs, until all the sugar were consumed and turned into eggs by the queen. Even so, the ants would have to eat the eggs, and poop, then let the queen eat the best sweetened poop available so that she could lay more eggs. This process would go on and on until the aquarium is full of smoothies made of ant scum - which the patriarch named this produce as the precious "Ant butter." This process was named after Sigmund Freud, who was a poor guy playing in an ant butter aquarium where ants were still alive in it. Sigmund Freud was then molested by the ants, and urinated involuntarily out of his fear, killed thousands of ants if not millions. No sooner than a year, he was fully consumed by the ants. Thus, Sigmund Freud is now famous just because of his gruesome death with the ants.

Because Sigmund Freud is so famous, you should honor him by searching wikipedia once.

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