Monday, March 28, 2011

Done with Amway Business Opportunity

I haven't been to any Amway meeting the last four weeks, because after a 3-month evaluations and online/offline research, and also asking upline Amway IBOs, I have concluded that Amway:
  1. is a waste of time on extra meetings.
    1. They expect me to show up 3 times a week. Which I will swear won't.
    2. Some uplines advised downlines to sell their property in the 1990s for "investing" the business.
    3. The uplines tell you buying Amway is investing in your business. However; in fact, there is no investment on return (ROI) whenever you buy Amway products as an IBO.
  2. is a waste of money on overpriced products
    1. price to quality ratio is not competitive enough (when compare to non-Amway counterparts) so that I will be in favor of Amway products.
    2. price is too high, even IBO's price is considered (Amway Indepentent Business Owner)
      1. $300 a month to Amway + more food    vs.   $180 includes all groceries and cleaning products
    3. Thus, these products are a hard sell to customers
  3. targeting their customers/ perspective "business partners" to the wrong audience. Most college students  are not rich at all to waste money in Amway.
    1. For college students who wants to complete the degree, the timing for studying is tight. The problem will aggravate if the student also work part-time.
    2. The younger generation doesn't know about Amway much as compared to older generations, and Amway people are exploiting this piece of fact.
  4. is full of people don't know business and economics and tried to bullshit me.
    1. You don't want to be with people who are not well trained in economics and business and claim that they are marketing experts.
      1. The upline that I had, did not answer and resolve the problems that I have found in Amway!
    2. prospect of IBOs is pathetically bad.
      1. It is essentially a pyramid scheme but it is modified in such a way that there are people slowly and constantly leaving Amway and going up the Amway pyramid.
      2. [Estimated Platinum] IBO’s gross income [is] range from $35,500 to 41,000 per year (Jeez. Even worst than my Computer Science Degree starting salary at $50K). Source:
      3. Usually it takes 2 to 5 years to get to Platinum, but to get to Platinum you have to work a lot to get there (they labor you cheaply).
    3. indirectly controls the way I do purchasing
      1. Although purchasing is completely voluntary, purchasing or selling to customers is of course required to earn PVs and compensation from Amway. For a starting IBO, $300 a month to earn 150PV (point value) for $67 from Amway. However, the products themselves are overpriced. So, I have to pick products that have high PV so that I can fill up the 150PV quota more quickly. Resulting in over-consuming and time-consuming purchases. After the first three purchases, the $50 bonus will be gone, so $67 from Amway each month will be $17 a month for a new IBO.
        source: I am an Amway IBO as of Mar 2011.
      2. Shipping is expensive: Shipping is additional $30 for IBOs, but free for customer orders that are more than $99.
        source: I am an Amway IBO as of Mar 2011.
    4. may ruin your friendships, if they know what Amway is and you are making/encouraging them to join.
      1. I am smart enough that I have NOT dragged anyone into this business before I evaluate this once unfamiliar business myself carefully. The effectiveness of Amway business opportunity is pessimistic most of the time for most of the people.
      2. This is what I come up with: Whenever you "feel" that you are so special, a special sucker will born inside of you. And Amway will be the hook of that sucker.
    5. - two of my parents' friends were in Amway in Hong Kong
      1. They didn't make much money as good as a part-time job, and so they quit.
      2. I have a bunch of friends, they were older than me, they tried, and they also quit.
      3. Remember, if you ask your upline who make $100K this year in Amway, they can surely show you the only few diamonds out of a thousand participants in an Amway conference, the number is pathetically small: again, out of the conference, there is only a few out of more than a few thousands who are diamond in reality.
    6. do not think about why there are so many failures within themselves, and they failed to improve.
      1. Even the top level IBOs quit. Only 4000 IBOs reached diamond level across the world last year.
      2. Upline has failed to address my concern.
    7. is unethical for the society as a whole.
      1. A big business like Amway is around for so long because it is just allowed to exist as a legitimate business because the law cannot rule out Amway. It is unethical when the Amway business opportunity is target to everyone, and most people who joined are not doing good with Amway.
      To cancel:

      1. Email
      2. Include your Name, IBO number, phone, address, cancellation request and request for refund in the email.

      After you quit:
      1. You can buy some of the Amway products in Amazon and eBay so that you don't have to be an IBO to enjoy near the IBO cost.
      2. With more research, you can surely find competitive products that are cheaper than Amway products.
      3. You will save time and money because you are back in the open market, instead of using Amway products all the time.
      4. If you want high quality products, when you are in a open market, you need to know how to choose and get educated. You have the right to choose the best products in the open market that suit your best financial situation and needs.
        I here by warning people and my friends, although anyone may consider this is solely my opinion.


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        how many days does it take to get back money?

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        yeah im waiting for my refund